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Philosophical realism

Realism and Its Rivals

To see realist strategies adopted even as they are denounced would be, in our view, no small success.


Disadvantage: Realism

Pragmatic foreign-policy voices are always being upstaged by grandiloquent pronouncements from those promising to stand up to dictators and spread democracy. Too bad that what realists have to say is usually more sensible.

Out of School

One of the admirable things about raspberries is that different sorts seem to get along pretty well with each other.


The Relevance of Structural Realism for Policymakers

Obama's foreign policy would benefit from looking past the Thomas Friedmans of the world.

Books & Reviews

The Revenge of Kaplan's Maps

Kaplan explores the potent role of geography in shaping the survival instincts and geopolitical sensibilities of nations and peoples in The Revenge of Geography.

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April 17, 2014