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Philosophy of science

Finding Forster

The antiliberal defenders of civilization—resisting the Ground Zero mosque—are wrong. Liberalism still offers the best hope for combating extremism.

On War and Choice

It has long been said that there are wars of necessity and wars of choice. But enemies always adapt, especially in our world of terrorists, failing states and delinquent regimes. Every war is a war of choice.


David Rieff's frustrations show in his effort to make sense of post-Cold War humanitarianism.

The Ground and Nature of Human Rights: Another Round

The true source of human rights in dispute--the debate continues.

Human Nature and Human Rights

"Human rights" as understood today bear little relation to what it means to be human; but that does not faze their advocates.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Communism and fascism, cousins in disrepute.


Is Putin's Russia Fascist?

Analyzing the nature of Vladimir Putin’s regime yields some valuable insights into the past, present and future of Russia.

Books & Reviews

Event Horizon

We must prepare for the ultimate threat to nations. Thoughts from one of America’s leading grand strategists.

All One's Eggs in One Basket Case; Review of John Laughland's The Tainted Source: The Undemocratic Origins of the European Idea

A specter is haunting Europe and John Laughland: the specter of Europe united, of nations abolished, of the administration of things replacing the government of people. He has written a book about it that is intriguing...

The Company Man

Richard Bissell, Jr.

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April 19, 2014