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Political geography

China Also Rises

Will China seek revenge for its century of humiliation at the hands of the West?

The Last Temptation of Risk

Eichengreen explains the origins of the economic crisis.

War From Cyberspace

As Obama appoints Howard A. Schmidt to a new cybersecurity post, former cyberczar Richard Clarke shows America is the most vulnerable country in the world.

Ennui Becomes Us

Chaos and randomness abound. The increasing disorder of our world will lead to a sort of global ennui mixed with a disturbingly large dose of individual extremism and dogmatic posturing by states.

The Kremlin Begs To Differ

One doesn’t need to be a Russian domestic radical or a foreign Russophobe to see major flaws in the way Russia is ruled. The population, however, is satisfied with the status quo...for now.

Fatah Resurrected

Abbas sits atop a newly invigorated Palestinian Authority; the West Bank is completely secure. They want peace but will adopt a one-state solution if Netanyahu turns his back on Palestinian progress. Israel must act now.


South China Sea Festers

While the world watches Syria, tension builds.

World Has Not Stopped for Syria

While America focuses on the Middle East, troubling developments continue in Asia.

Will Abbott Change Australia's Foreign Policy?

The incoming prime minister is a complicated and evolving figure.


Zero Sum in South Asia

President Obama tiptoes between India and Pakistan.

The China Syndrome

After putting curbs on its rare earth minerals, Beijing has raised doubts about its self-proclaimed peaceful intentions: Is China the next Wilhelmine Germany?

Japan’s Squabble with China: Larger Implications

The recent flap between Japan and China is a sobering reminder that America could be drawn into a conflict in East Asia.

Books & Reviews

Lifting the Veil on North Korea

Is North Korea an irrational state or a survivor against all odds?

Dilemmas of the Modern Navy

The maritime services are under growing strain. But is there really no alternative to U.S. sea hegemony in the same form we have seen it in since 1945?

Of Democracy & Dinero

Latin America’s post-independence history has been a bumpy ride. Things are getting better thanks to solid growth of late, but inequality threatens to bring the whole thing down.

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April 16, 2014