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Political philosophy

The Good Autocrat

A stark contrast exists between the tyrannical rulers of the Middle East and the benign despots of East Asia. The precepts of Enlightenment thought dictate freedom for all, but Confucian leaders offer a heretical alternative to Western ideals.

Finding Forster

The antiliberal defenders of civilization—resisting the Ground Zero mosque—are wrong. Liberalism still offers the best hope for combating extremism.

On War and Choice

It has long been said that there are wars of necessity and wars of choice. But enemies always adapt, especially in our world of terrorists, failing states and delinquent regimes. Every war is a war of choice.

Teuton the Introvert

Germany was once the most powerful nation on the Continent. Now it is spiraling toward mediocrity.

The Bell Tolls for NATO

NATO is in a struggle for its life, and Afghanistan just may deliver the fatal blow.

Perestroika Cubana

Rather than using the Chinese model of gradualism, the Castro brothers should look to Eastern Europe for cues.


The Sources of the Sino-American Spiral

Almost all of China's foreign-policy options would lead to more conflict with America—and vice versa.

World Has Not Stopped for Syria

While America focuses on the Middle East, troubling developments continue in Asia.

China: Mao or Markets?

Reading the revival of leftist rhetoric in Beijing.


Jeffersonian Exceptionalism

The man who understood how American values can be exceptional but not necessarily universal.

Pinned by North Korea

Forget North Korea. It's China that's challenging America. 

Books & Reviews

Tracing China's Long Game Plan

Many Western observers think China is due to liberalize as it rises. Yet Chinese reformers have long favored Western ideas merely as a means to a different end: wealth and power.

Revising the Cold War Revisionists

Yes, the Soviets really were that bad.

Punditry at the Drive-Thru

Peter Beinart's books represent the intellectual equivalent of what nutritionists call the empty-calorie principle.

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April 19, 2014