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Pope John Paul II

The Next Pope

What to look for in the next pontiff.

The Praetorian Guard

The real civilian-military gap is between the U.S. military's excessive influence and common sense.

The Vanity of Reason

A look at reason's self-destructive side, and an example of the same thing.

Where Does Russia Belong?

In the last issue, Zbigniew Brzezinski proposed a new plan for including Russia in an expanding transatlantic community. But his ideal world might not come about. With a comment from Brzezinski.

The Deconstruction of Death

Most public fears about the "genome era" have been overly alarmist. Yet the political consequences may be revolutionary.

Two Plus Four

Ten years after the event, a key architect of America's response to German reunification looks back--and draws lessons for the present.

Books & Reviews

Holding the Bridge

A portrait of a dedicated senator and steadfast cold warrior.

An Ambiguous Legacy

Boris the Not-So-Great.

The Pope's Divisions

The Peope who proved Stalin wrong.

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April 20, 2014