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Pitfalls of an Aging China

Rising social costs, shrinking labor pools, nonperforming loans, a distorted economy and more—an in-depth look at the huge challenge facing Beijing.

Battle of the (Youth) Bulge

Global demographic explosions are mixing with population busts—and the consequences could be serious. As some countries get older and others younger, will demography be the key to the wars of our century?

Feeding Frenzy

Wars for oil? Food fights now seem more likely, because we’re paying the price for not keeping up with rising emerging-market demand. Yet there’s light at the end of the tunnel—increasing supply isn’t an impossible task.

Migration and the Dynamics of Empire

Do all roads lead to the new (American) Rome? The imperial task has always been affected by the movement of peoples. It still is.

The Law of Increasing Returns

Malthus had things exactly backward. So do his heirs. In both cases, the mistake is to ignore the role of ideas.

Asia Tomorrow, Gray and Male

Barring the contingency of utter catastrophe, we can already estimate, often in surprising detail, what lies in store for East Asia in demographic terms over the next fifteen to twenty years.


Never Again, Except This Time

Atrocity prevention isn't consistently practiced because it isn't consistently practical.

Immigration and Americanization

The Boston bombings resurrect an old debate about whether new entrants should be injected with U.S. cultural values.


Thirty Million Chinese Bachelors

The massive uptick in unmarried males spells unrest for Beijing. What it means for Washington is less clear.

Books & Reviews

The Origin of Modernity

Modern Western discord stems from differing Enlightenment experiences.

French Without Tears

Cet animal est très méchant; quand on l'attaque, il se défend. Quelquefois.

Contact: The Politics of Migration

Impressive historical scholarship on migration cannot save Professor Hoerder from the miasma of current academic fashions.

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April 24, 2014