Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt Commentary

An Unsavory Ally

"The Saudis are friends.

Terror in Northeast Asia

Since 9/11, experts have repeatedly cautioned that Al-Qaeda operates in 60 countries, some far removed from the organization's major spheres of influence in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Russia's Role in Nonproliferation: Obstacles and Opportunities

We need a sober and serious assessment of what is going on and what could be done by Russia and the United States in the area of nonproliferation after the Iraq war.

Divergent Foreign Policy Views: Survey Finds Biggest Public/Elite Gap Is over Immigration

It comes as no surprise that there are significant differences between the opinions of the public and the elite on a variety of foreign-policy issues.

The Morality of Results: The Cyprus and Kosovo Challenges

Last week, I wrote that realists "believe policy should be evaluated by its likely results, not by the motives or intentions of its framers.

A House Divided? War, Extradition and the Atlantic Alliance

When not publicly attacking the Bush Administration, European statesmen tend, at least on the quiet, to deprecate their American counterparts as the rude products of a "cowboy" culture.

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April 16, 2014