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Price of petroleum

Oil Dependence As Virtue

In short, a world that doesn't need oil may also be a world that doesn't need the United States.

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

A host of countries are making great economic strides, which means the burgeoning global middle class is demanding an ever-growing piece of the pie. That’s good news, but it’s also causing higher prices for just about everything you could want. Th

The New Axis of Oil

A structural shift in energy markets creates new geopolitics.

The Global Oil Rush

Given rising demand and dwindling supplies, consuming nations should look south and east.

Thinking Seriously

America's first energy secretary says we're running out of oil. It is a warning worth heeding.



The breakup of the global potash cartel is a reminder that new energy sources could create a crisis of the oil order.

The Energy-Security Paradox

The United States produces more oil and uses less, but prices are still high. What is to be done?

The Great Oil Fallacy

Oil is no more special or critical than coal, gas or metals—let alone food.

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April 19, 2014