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Saudi Arabia

Where Credit Is Due

Is change in the Middle East the result of Ameican action or serendipity?

Sand in Our Eyes: U.S.-Saudi Relations After Iraq

Relations with the Desert Kingdom suffered before 9/11. Now they're on the ropes. But Washington can ill afford the loss of this critical ally, even when it's not on its best behavior.

The Scandal of U.S.-Saudi Relations

Excessive deference toward Saudi Arabia undermines U.S. national interests, and the basic reason for it is none too pretty.

Weak Realpolitik: The Vicissitudes of Saudi Bashing

As the shock of September 11 wears off and certain conclusions settle in, the U.S.-Saudi relationship has come under unprecedented scrutiny. It's about time.


Saudi Arabia's Road to Implosion

The House of Saud is unable to stop a deterioration of the social fabric so severe that fragmentation is a primary danger.

The Saudi-Qatari Clash Over Syria

A deep look at the Gulf states' chess match over the rebels.

Arab Peace Must Come First

Struggles among the Arab powers will have to be resolved to make big initiatives stick.

Books & Reviews

Beyond Petroleum

The U.S.-Saudi relationship is based on more than just oil—it hinges directly on common core interests.

A Papier-Maché Fortress

Philip Bobbit's grand historical vision remains impressive, until one examines its history.

Meaning Well

Maximilian II managed to be both ahead of his time and behind it simultaneously. His life warns us against allowing ourselves to fall into a similar predicament.

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April 23, 2014