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Sino-American relations

U.S., China and Thucydides

How can Washington and Beijing avoid typical patterns of distrust and fear?

Chinese Nationalism and Its Discontents

China must choose between kowtowing to domestic nationalism and submitting to a peaceful rise. Lately, nationalist belligerence has ruled the day. Washington is overreacting, encircling China. A latent rivalry ratchets up to dangerous levels.

Hegemony with Chinese Characteristics

At its core, ideology fuels the epic struggle between Washington and Beijing. Deeply insecure about its own legitimacy, the Communist Party seeks the subordination of its regional neighbors to appease the nationalist wing of its body politic.

Russia Plays the China Card

Russia and China are strengthening their ties, but don’t bet on an alliance—that is, unless poor U.S. policy drives them together.

Agreeing to Agree (and Disagree)

China’s rise will inevitably increase Sino-American competition, but delineating common areas of agreement between Beijing and Washington could arrest tensions.

China on the March

Dos and Don’ts for U.S. strategic planners when it comes to dealing with China.


The Sources of the Sino-American Spiral

Almost all of China's foreign-policy options would lead to more conflict with America—and vice versa.

Implementing the Chinese Dream

A senior Chinese official lays out Beijing's goals abroad under Xi Jinping

How China Reads North Korea

Beijing thinks the time is right for fresh diplomacy.


The Ruthlessness of Barack Obama

Obama has reinvented the Democratic party's approach to foreign policy. Will the GOP follow suit?

Xi Jinping’s Reconnaissance Visit

The Chinese heir apparent's visit was little more than polite, get-acquainted diplomacy. And that's a good thing.

Washington’s Clumsy China Containment Policy

Obama's new China stance is provocative and ineffectual, long on symbolism and short on substance.

Books & Reviews

Tracing China's Long Game Plan

Many Western observers think China is due to liberalize as it rises. Yet Chinese reformers have long favored Western ideas merely as a means to a different end: wealth and power.

The Changing of the Guard

Rajan Menon evaluates the latest works on the future of East Asia and its impact on the world. Is Pax Americana in decline, and are we on the verge of a Pax Sinica?

Leaders Count

Three decades of Sino-American relations: the view from the Oval Office.

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April 24, 2014