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Erdogan, the Anti-Ataturk

The legacy of the man who dragged Turkey into the twentieth century is at risk to the rival vision of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The Many Faces of Neo-Marxism

The German thinker's name has been attached to a wide range of modern ideas—poststructuralism, postmodernism, gender studies, etc.—yet he was more a man of his day than of ours.

The Perpetual Border Battle

Though some pundits insist illegal immigration is fading as a national problem, careful study of the border situation suggests otherwise. The challenge remains serious, and large enforcement gaps persist.

America's Civic Deadlock and the Politics of Crisis

Congress is paralyzed. National debt is skyrocketing. America’s political consensus can no longer address the country’s most basic problems. We must resolve the question of what will replace it.

Brezhnev in the Hejaz

Saudi Arabia is the guardian of the Mideast counterrevolution—and America is its greatest enabler. A club of royals under the Kingdom’s protection is now a reality.

Once Upon a Time in Westphalia

It took Tony Blair one speech in 1999 to trap the Western world in an unending series of interventionist wars. We may care about the people of Tibet, Baghdad and Libya, but are we the knight-errant of the human race?


José Mujica and Uruguay's "Robin Hood Guerrillas"

The Volkswagen-driving former bank robber president and the Tupamaros, the Marxist insurgents for which he fought.

Germany's Short Path to Instability

This month's elections could easily bring trouble to Europe's economy.

Putin's No Stalin

Comparing Russia's current leader to the old tyrant is inaccurate, trivializing the suffering of the victims of Communism.


North Korea and Mickey Mouse

North Korea's foray into Disney should not be interpreted as a sign of a suddenly mellowing regime.

The Soft Power of Equal Opportunity

America, like China, will suffer from the inequality fostered by nepotism and cronyism. 

Romney's Gaffe Problem

Romney might make a good or even great president. But he is a terrible politician.

Books & Reviews

The Fallacy of Human Freedom

Faith in progress and the perfectibility of human nature are at the center of Western thought. What if this faith is misplaced?

Voice of the New Global Elite

The newsmagazine world has been turned on its head. Yet one weekly publication, The Economist, is arguably more prestigious than at any time in its 169-year history. This content analysis helps explain why.

Pinker the Prophet

For those who think we live in an age of unrestrained violence, think again. At least according to one Harvard psychologist, mankind has learned to rein in its inner demons. But is Pinker’s civilization-as-progress thesis too good to be true?

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April 19, 2014