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South Korea

A New Forum for Peace

A proposal for transforming the six-party talks on North Korea into a security system for northeast Asia.

Averting the Unthinkable

Regime change is the only realistic policy.

Our Other Korea Problem

The real threat to America's position in Korea doesn't emanate only from Pyongyang: How the "sunshine policy" could foreshadow the sunset of the U.S.-South Korean alliance.

Asia in the 21st Century

Great changes are under way and when the dust settles, the Asia we knew will have ceased to exist.

Korea: A Time to be Bold?

A new strategy toward North Korea might just enable us to recover custody of our policy from fate.

The Panic Gap: Reactions to North Korea's Bomb

Everyone knows that Americans should pay more attention to events outside their country's borders, especially now that we live in the Interdependent Age. But maybe the reverse is true.


Syria and North Korea: A Real Axis of Evil

Pyongyang's history with the Assad regime isn't getting enough attention.

The Silent Treatment Won't Stop Japan

China and Korea are furious with their neighbor. Their current approach won't get results.

Park Geun-hye Comes Calling

The United States and South Korea are too close for either's good.


Pinned by North Korea

Forget North Korea. It's China that's challenging America. 

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April 16, 2014