Soviet Union – United States relations Articles

Borderline Insanity

Compassion and national security often conflict. President Bush's immigration policy, by seeking both, delivers neither.

Arafat's Poisoned Legacy

Arafat's Palestinian nationalism denied the legitimacy of any Israeli state. His successors must shed this straightjacket if they want a state of their own.

Thinking Outside the Tank

Policy is only as strong as the thinking behind it. We need new ideas--and institutions--to win the war on terrorism.

Exporting Europe's Protectionism

Europe is busy making protectionism a cultural value. And you thought Doha was messy.

The 'Amazing and Mysterious Life' of Ronald Reagan

Mr. Reagan was a simple man with simple straightforward ideas. But he pursued a subtle and complex foreign policy. Maybe we missed something. Where was the rest of him?

The Cult of Precaution

The high priests of the European Commission invoke the arcane scripture of the Precautionary Principle to justify their environmental enyclicals--the wages of reason be damned.

A Strategic Defense Initiative

This is not your father's "Star Wars." Missile Defense is real, it's coming, and it will be a indispensible instrument of American power.

I Dream of Empire

Empires have always inspired American imagination, for good and for ill.

Keeping Terror Out

If gardeners and housemaids can cross our porous borders, so can Al-Qaeda operatives.

Does the United States Have a European Policy?

Is the United States becoming more skeptical of the EU, or just more confused?

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April 23, 2014