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Stanley A. McChrystal

Curse of the Khyber Pass

Afghanistan is a losing battle. Former-CIA officer Milton Bearden argues the Obama administration should turn to the provinces for answers—and consider arming the militias. Full article 


McChrystal vs. Obama

This is the biggest civil-military showdown since Truman and MacArthur.

False Analogies

Afghanistan isn’t another Vietnam. But Obama is right to be cautious about sending more troops.

The Folly of Nation Building

The United States doesn’t really know how to build nations anywhere, even when security conditions are relatively good. How can we expect to succeed in Afghanistan?


From the Guys Who Brought You the War in Iraq

It's hard to call the surge in Iraq a true success. That doesn't bode well for Afghanistan.

Books & Reviews

The McChrystal Way of War

The general was an innovative thinker in the midst of major changes in the Army.

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April 20, 2014