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Taliban members

Karzai and 22,000 Villages

A military surge will not win Afghanistan. Karzai and his corrupt clan have failed the Afghan people. Former presidential candidate Ghani shows us a way out: counterinsurgency economics.

Sanctum FATA

The United States has allowed the Afghan War to slip from apparent victory to possible defeat. Kabul is no longer the center of battle. The fulcrum has shifted to Pakistan.

The Bell Tolls for NATO

NATO is in a struggle for its life, and Afghanistan just may deliver the fatal blow.


The Peace Jirga

Karzai’s big confab isn’t likely to solve anything.

Why America Needs Allies

We can't do everything alone. The Latvian ambassador explains why American military aid to NATO members is essential to winning the Afghan War.

A False Awakening

Afghanistan is not Iraq. Cutting deals with “the tribes” will backfire.

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April 19, 2014