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Money and Power: Pondering Economic Growth and Decline

A trio of books proposes intriguing reasons for economic growth--national pride, surplus labor and investment security--but none parses the novelty of the virtual state.

Summer Reading Guide

Summer reading suggestions from: Irving Kristol, Owen Harries, James Schlesinger, Samuel Huntington, Robert Tucker, Midge Decter, Michael Mandelbaum and others.

The Best Defense

Can John Mearsheimer's analysis of "offensive realism" explain or guide U.S. foreign policy? Better, perhaps, than the author realizes.

Kaplan's War

Robert Kaplan advocates a pagan ethos for American statesmen in the 21st century, but not all pagans think alike.

Bacon's Proof

Edward Teller's life vindicated Francis Bacon's prediction of the man of science in the public realm. Teller's memoir would vindicate Teller.

Scathing on Thin Ice

Christopher Hitchens' diatribe against Henry Kissinger should disappoint even the most credulous of the statesman's opponents. Effective polemic this is not.

1945 and All That

Well-trained historians need not be specialists, as P.M.H. Bell's illuminating new volume confirms.

The Guns of 17th Street

A dissection of the few pluses and many minuses of the crusading approach to American foreign policy.

Riding the Tiger

Preventing the spread of atomic weaponry is less in our control than we think.

Subverting Kant

An Irishman of indefatiguable mind and rare sensibilities.

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April 23, 2014