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Xenophobia on the Continent

Anti-Semitism is on the march in Europe. But the European’s new turn toward isolationism goes even further than that.

Homeward Bound?

It’s time to rein in America’s crusading zeal and move toward a policy of restraint. We’re suffering from a bad case of foreign-policy overextension, and the only cure is taking a step back to reexamine our global role.

All the World's A Stage: America's Image in the Muslim World

"Simply put, America’s image in much of the Muslim world remains abysmal." With the deepening and unrelenting challenges we face in the Middle East, how much has America’s image in the Muslim world declined?

The Bell Tolls for NATO

NATO is in a struggle for its life, and Afghanistan just may deliver the fatal blow.

Double or Nothing

All bets are off when it comes to the U.S. military.

Straw Man in the Wind

In his article "What Resource Wars?" David Victor argued that the threat of resource wards is exaggerated. Thomas Homer-Dixon responds.


Bankrupt Empire

Washington’s massive debt will force America to abandon its role as global hegemon.

A War We Can't Afford

We can’t pay for the conflict in Afghanistan. So why are we still there?

Derailing Lisbon

Unelected EU bureaucrats want to pass the Lisbon Treaty to further their aims of a united Continent. Czech President Vaclav Klaus might stop them.


What Lies beyond the War on Terrorism?

America's military bank account isn’t the only thing that can keep the world safe, no matter what the op-ed pages say.

Books & Reviews

Reading Tarot on K Street

Who doesn’t want to know whether the Dow will close above ten thousand at year’s end, whether the Saudis can maintain their oil production, whether China will rise and Russia will fall, or whether a new dictator lurks in the Middle East?

I Say NATO, You Say No NATO

Will France call the whole thing off?

Books: Some Unconventional Wisdom

A review of The J Curve by Ian Bremmer and Winning the Un-War by Charles Peña.  Two authors turn their critical, discerning eye on the foibles of U.S. counter-terror and nation-building strategy. Just one offers a constructive course

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April 16, 2014