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Tzipi Livni

The Ambiguous Way Forward

Sharon got out of Gaza. Now what?

A Thin Line

Benyamin Netanyahu's election as Israel's prime minister on May 29 was greeted by a great international gnashing of teeth.


Is There a New Netanyahu?

From Rabin to Livni, Israeli hawks have a history of mellowing with age. Some think Bibi has, too.

Livni and Olmert Wait for Obama

The Israeli opposition bides its time, hoping an Obama-Netanyahu battle will let it swoop in to save the day.

Who Will Miss This Opportunity?

Everyone wants a peace deal to happen. Let's not forget all the times before that a solution slipped through the cracks. It is still the Middle East after all.

Books & Reviews

Bernadotte and Shamir

Marton's qualifications to write a book about the Middle East are slightly higher than Bernadotte's were to make peace there, but in the end it comes to the same: two boy scouts setting up pup-tents in minefields.

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April 16, 2014