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Getting to No

The limits of using international organizations to pursue U.S. foreign policy aims.

Left Behind

If freedom, democracy and prosperity are to take root in Ukraine, the West must play a more active role--for the effects of failure will extend beyond its borders.

Asia: Skepticism about Optimism

Perhaps now that Pacific Asians have moved from Marxist to market economics, the logic of economic interdependence has made arms racing and power rivalry less sensible and less likely. On balance, it is probably better for Pacific Asian stability

Bosnia and the West: A Study in Failure

The Western world's reaction to the destruction of Bosnia has been a triumph of diplomacy. A triumph, that is, of diplomacy over foreign policy.

Policing the Golan? Yes

In March 1975, the second Sinai negotiation between Israel and Egypt broke down.

On Reading My Stasi Files

Two years ago I applied to the German government to see my file, in order to find out exactly what the Stasi thought I was doing. After a delay of a year and a half permission was finally given.


Russia Tries to Turn Ukraine East

As Ukraine closes in on an association agreement with the EU, Moscow has led what Ukrainian officials are calling a trade war.

How Ukraine Might Blow Its Historic Opportunity

Kiev has a chance to move toward the European Union, but its political closure could prevent that.

Ukraine Steps Up

Kiev has an opportunity to show regional leadership.

Books & Reviews

The Future of Equality

Thomas Sowell's Race and Culture provides ample documentation as to the importance of culture as a component of human capital, one that is critical in determining individual and national performance. In his usual feisty way, Sowell is eager to deb

Success Story; Review of David Marsh, The Most Powerful Bank: Inside Germany's Bundesbank

Marsh is a gifted journalist and his command of events is most impressive, but he does not have the same respect for ideas as he does for the nitty-gritty of reportage.

A Dubious Partnership; Review of Fred C. Ikle and Sergei A. Karaganov, (co-chairs), Harmonizing the Evolution of U.S. and Russian Defense Policies

At one time conservatives like Castlereagh, nationalists like Bismarck and internationalists like Gladstone were all convinced that international order would be torn apart unless the interests of Great Powers were respected and kept in balance. Th

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April 19, 2014