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United States federal budget

No Free Lunch

America needs to start facing hard economic choices.

Tin Cup Diplomacy

We are again in the early stages of a new international system, but without a unifying challenge to raise foreign affairs resources much above 1 percent of the federal budget.


The Looming Budget Battles

It's that time of year again.

America as Detroit

The nation has its own unfunded liability problem.

Energy and the Debt Conundrum

Unprecedented national debt and unreliable sources of imported oil leave the United States in a dangerous predicament.


Let Sequestration Happen

The most dramatic option for cutting defense spending also may be the only viable one.

Strength vs. Spending

We spend too much on our military because we ask our troops to do too much. To spend less, we must do less.

Defense Cuts Still on the Table, Not in the Bank

The debt deal is done. Now the real fighting begins.

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April 19, 2014