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The One Big Reason Russia Might Lose a War Against America

An air campaign requires a sprawling, complicated supply chain. Fire enough missiles and drop enough bombs, which require a heavy investment in materials and chemicals, and there will come a point when the logistics trail starts to strain.

Nearly 20 months into Russia’s intervention in Syria’s civil war, the strain is starting to show.

This Is Why the World Should Fear India's Nuclear Weapons

India, the world’s most populous democracy, occupies a unique strategic position flanked by powerful adversaries. As a result, its 1.3 billion people are guarded by an arsenal of approximately one hundred nuclear weapons deployed on land, at sea and in the air. Despite its status as a Cold War holdout, the country was forced to develop its own nuclear weapons.

The Fatal Flaw in America's Nuclear Triad That Needs to Be Fixed Now

As the Pentagon begins the 2017 Nuclear Posture Review a great deal of focus will be placed on how to modernize each leg of the nuclear triad, which on all fronts is aging and must be replaced. Each country that has nuclear weapons in its arsenal has started a nuclear weapons program or modernized their programs and delivery systems with the exception of the United States. The United States is a part of an international community with a dependency on these weapons that is not going away.

How Argentina Tried to Build a Nazi Jet Fighter

After World War II, Argentina gained a reputation for taking in characters with checkered pasts. Not only was it a haven for Nazis fleeing justice, but it turns out that Argentina turned to Reich scientists and French traitors to build a jet fighter in the 1940s based on a design originally intended for Hitler’s Luftwaffe.

Russia is Bringing Back Its World War II 'Shock Armies'

During World War II, one of the weapons that the Soviet Union employed to destroy Nazi Germany was the “Shock Army.” These were reinforced army-sized formations used to tear holes in the German lines for Soviet tanks to exploit.

Now Russia plans to bring back Shock units. Yet lest anyone fear this is a prelude to a Russian blitz of Ukraine or the Baltic states, the title “Shock” will be an honorific reward for units that perform particularly well.