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The U.S. Military Has Submarines That Could Kill Entire Countries (Like North Korea)

Currently, nine boomers are based in Bangor, Washington to patrol the Pacific Ocean, while five are stationed in Kings Bay, Georgia for operations in the Atlantic. The end of the Cold War, and especially the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, resulted in the downsizing of U.S. nuclear forces. However, rather than retiring some of the oldest boats as originally planned, the Navy decided to refit four of the eighteen Ohio-class subs to serve as cruise missile carriers to launch conventional attacks against ground and sea targets—starting with the USS Ohio.

Showdown: Trump Is Putting the Squeeze on China in the South China Sea

The Trump administration is stepping up pressure on China in a low-key campaign of increased naval activities aimed at undermining Beijing’s vast territorial claims over the South China Sea.

The US guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain on Aug. 10 sailed within 12 nautical miles of the disputed Mischief Reef – a key political battleground in the ongoing rivalry over whether the strategic waterway remains open international waters or becomes a Chinese lake.

Can North Korea Attack the United States Right Now with a Nuclear Weapon?

Can North Korea really target the United States with a nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missile?

The answer depends on who one chooses to believe.

While some intelligence agencies and analysts believe the North Koreans already have the technology to target the American homeland, others say that it will take some time before Pyongyang has the reentry vehicles and miniaturized nuclear warheads ready for operational use.

A War Between Russia and America During the Cold War: Who Wins?

Nearly thirty years after the Berlin Wall fell, much of this paradigm looks wrong, and even paranoid. Nonetheless, the game illustrates how people viewed the world at the time. Of course, this cutthroat philosophy just happens to be the fabric of gaming, which is about winners and losers. Thus the geopolitical conflict of the Cold War makes for an ideal contest that can be finished in three hours or less over a kitchen table.

RANKED: 6 Super Armies That Dominated History

More tellingly, the United States is the only power in history to be deploy massive amounts of military force, including land power, in a quick and effective manner. This highlights one of the major factors in the U.S. Army’s success; namely, while not as large numerically as countries like the Soviet Union, the U.S. Army is a highly-trained fighting force operating superior technology. It is also backed up by the greatest naval and air power the world has ever known.

The U.S. Navy Used Super Deep Diving Submarines to Tap Russia's Communications

In 1970, Halibut was again modified to accommodate the Navy’s deep water saturation divers. The following year, it went to sea again to participate in Ivy Bells, a secret operation to install taps on the underwater communications cables connecting the Soviet ballistic missile submarine base at Petropavlovsk on the Kamchatka Peninsula with Moscow’s Pacific Fleet headquarters at Vladivostok.

Everything You Need to Know: How China and America Went to War in Korea

The most interesting, useful lessons may involve botched war termination. The Korean War dragged on for nearly two years after the settlement of the key strategic issues became clear. Nevertheless, poor communication between Washington and Beijing, combined with reputational concerns on both sides, inflated minor issues—such as POW repatriation—and extended the war well beyond its productive limits.

5 Russian Super Weapons That Never Made it to the Battlefield

Designed to hit Mach 3, with a service ceiling of around 70,000’, the T-4 resembled the B-70 visually, and in capability.  However, because the organization of airpower in the Soviet Union differed from that of the United States, T-4s were also considered for tactical missions, such as reconnaissance and the delivery of anti-ship missiles. The idea of a T-4 carrying Kh-22 anti-ship missiles is very scary indeed.