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Can the Pentagon Kick Its Russian Rocket Addiction?

The United States Air Force relies on Russian-built rocket engines to lift many of its heaviest satellites into space. While that arrangement was working well in the years following the collapse of the Soviet Union, recent Russian actions—such as the conflict in Ukraine—have soured the relationship. Now, two Republican senators have introduced legislation to ban the U.S. Air Force from importing the NPO Energomash RD-180 rocket engine from Russia. The service, meanwhile, says that it has no alternative but to use the Russian engines.

This Could 'Sink' the U.S. Navy: Lethal Stealth Submarines

There is no force patrolling the world’s oceans more powerful than the mighty U.S. Navy. Washington’s nuclear-powered attack and ballistic submarines, aircraft carriers and surface combatants, all guided by the best trained sailors and professionals in the world, are no match when stacked up on paper one-on-one against the likes of Russia, China, Iran or any other challenger. And as history shows, going to war against Washington in a fair-fight is suicide.

Get Ready, America: Russia and China Have Space Weapons

Russia and China are increasingly pursuing the ability to attack America’s space-based assets, but is there anything the Pentagon can do to thwart Beijing and Moscow’s ambitions?

While it is sometimes treated as an afterthought here on earth, space-based capabilities like GPS, communications and reconnaissance satellites are the sinews that hold the U.S. military together, allowing American forces to operate across the globe. That’s a fact, however, that has not gone unnoticed in Beijing or Moscow.