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Are Tanks Obsolete?: YouTube Video Makes The Case For Active Protection Systems

A picture may be worth a thousand words but a YouTube video could actually be worth a lot of lives, if the U.S. Army responds in an appropriate and timely manner.  I am referring specifically to a recent YouTube video (see video below) that shows the destruction of an Iraqi M-1 Abrams, basically the same kind operated by the U.S. military, by an ISIS fired, Russian-made Kornet anti-tank guided missile (ATGM).  Like something out of a video game, you can watch as the missile homes in on the tank.

Finding Enemy Submarines in the Vast Ocean Is Hard. The U.S. Navy Plans to Change That.

Finding one lone submarine amid vast swathes of oceans will be easier for the Navy thanks to an uninterrupted acoustic network of underwater sensors.

General Dynamics Mission Systems’ Maritime and Strategic Systems division will provide the design, hardware and construction for the Navy’s Deep Reliable Acoustic Path Exploitation System, as well as demonstration of three DRAPES arrays. The arrays will be deployed in a field configuration and transmit their data for processing to the Naval Ocean Processing Facility.

U.S. Air Force Has a Plan to Counter China's Super Lethal 'Satellite-Killer' Weapons

While several countries are known to be making investments in the development of space weaponry, Chinese activities have engendered a particular concern among Pentagon leaders, analysts and threat assessment professionals.

To better defend against enemy space attacks, the Air Force and Pentagon are pursuing a strategy aimed at countering the fast-emerging weaponization of space, service officials said.

The Biggest Loser in President Rodrigo Duterte's Great China Play Is...

In Asia’s slow-motion power shift, the Philippines has just lurched towards China’s orbit. Now to work out a sense of the import and meaning of the shift.

President Rodrigo Duterte goes to Beijing to declare his ‘separation’ from the U.S., and that he’s “realigned myself in your [China’s] ideological flow.” The zero sum call is that China wins and the U.S. loses. What, though, does this sum add up to? The scale of win and loss is in flux with a hint of farce. Duterte serves up serious stuff with scatologic sauce.

Why India’s 'Leaky' Submarines Matter

The wide-ranging data leak on India’s French-origin Scorpene submarines uncovered by The Australian in August 2016 has undermined New Delhi’s sensitive submarine construction program.

The 22,400 leaked pages detailed the combat capabilities of the six 1,565 tonne, 61.7 metre Scorpene class SSKs being built by the French defence contractor DCNS and the Mumbai-based state-owned defense shipyard Mazagon Dock Limited.

Can This Strategy Game Predict Whether Clinton or Trump Will Win the White House?

An elitist liberal Democrat running for the White House. A Republican opponent dogged by questions over his morals. An electorate polarized over civil rights.

Clinton vs. Trump in 2016? No, it's John F. Kennedy versus Richard M. Nixon in 1960. JFK beat Nixon, but the margin of the popular vote was razor thin: 34,220,984 for Kennedy compared to 34,108,157 for Nixon.

Remember that the next time someone says your vote doesn't count.

Russia Has a Dead Nuclear Submarine (Armed With Nuclear Weapons) Sitting at the Bottom of the Ocean

In the mid-1980s, the Soviet Union constructed a super submarine unlike any other. Fast and capable of astounding depths for a combat submersible, the submarine Komsomolets was introduced in 1984, heralded as a new direction for the Soviet Navy.

Five years later, Komsomolets and its nuclear weapons were on the bottom of the ocean, two-thirds of its crew killed by what was considered yet another example of Soviet incompetence.

America's M60 Patton Tank: Can It Still Fight the World's Best (At Over 50 Years Old)?

Just how far can you soup up a tank from the 1960s?

The M60 Patton was the mainstay of the U.S tank fleet in the 1960s and 1970s, before being replaced by the M1 Abrams tank currently in service. However, more than five thousand Pattons remain in service in the armies of nineteen countries. Earlier this year, Raytheon unveiled its Service-Life Extension Package (SLEP) upgrade featuring a new engine, fire control system and 120-millimeter gun.