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Nepal's Massive Earthquake: How Will China & India Respond?

In recent years, strategic rivalry between India and China has been evident across the Indo-Pacific, with Beijing progressively growing its diplomatic, economic and military influence on India's land and maritime periphery, and India belatedly pushing back to preserve its once privileged position in nations like Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

Explained: How to Save Syria and Destroy the Islamic State

Recent tactical setbacks by Assad regime forces in northwestern Syria are reviving—for the first time since early 2013—fin du régime hopes and speculation. Reporting from the region suggests that arms transfers from Gulf powers and Turkey are enabling rebels to overcome exhausted and exposed Syrian Arab Army units. Although it is tempting to view these developments in the context of the ebb and flow of an unending conflict, the United States should take no chances.

Where in the World Is Abubakar Shekau?

There is increased speculation about the whereabouts of Abubakar Shekau in the Nigerian media. His last media broadcast was in early March when he pledged allegiance to the self-proclaimed Islamic State and threatened to disrupt Nigeria’s presidential and gubernatorial elections.

China's AIIB Bank: Part of a Much Bigger Master Plan

In his latest book Henry Kissinger anticipated China’s initiative to create the first new international organization of the 21st century. He didn’t foresee the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as such, but argued that as China continued to increase its global economic weight, it would inevitably seek its security, in part, by building international organizations in which it sat at the center.

North Korea's New Best Friend: Russia?

Russian state-run news agency Tass confirmed on April 22 that Kim Jong-un will be in Moscow for the May 9 Victory Day celebrations. The North Korean leader will be among 26 other heads of state that have so far confirmed their attendance.

This visit will mark Kim's first official foreign trip since he took over the leadership of North Korea in late 2011, and will mark a high point in the bilateral relationship in 2015, designated the “year of friendship with Russia” by North Korea.

Greece: Debt, Defiance and Thucydides

Greece’s domestic turmoil is well documented, but Greek foreign policy over the past three months has been equally fraught with turbulence, frustration and failure.  For despite the coming to power of Syriza—a vigorous, outwardly uncompromising and almost revolutionary party of government—the Greek state has found it impossible to dislodge the formidable exogenous structures blamed for worsening the country’s economic woes.  The episode reveals much about the plight of small states on the world stage, especially during “hard