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FACT: There Was a Pearl Harbor Style Attack (Before Pearl Harbor)

Could the bear and the tiger coexist? Negotiations had been underway since 1903 between St. Petersburg and Tokyo, with Japan offering to recognize Russian control of Manchuria if Russia recognized Japan's control of Korea. But Russia dismissed the Japanese as "monkeys" that merely aped their Western betters. If Japan dared attack, the Tsar's soldiers and sailors would smash them. Why should His Majesty deign to give these simians anything?

At midnight the Russian fleet slept.

This Was Russia's Secret Plan to Build a 'Space Cannon' to Fight America

Space warfare expert Paul Szymanski believes that it was possible to operate the cannon in space, but there would have been some issues, especially in fire control. "The trajectory of the fired shell would be curved, based on gravity (same as on Earth), so the aiming mechanism would have to account for this, along with the great speeds of the Almaz spacecraft and the target," he tells the The National Interest. In addition, destroying a high-speed anti-space weapon at close range might have resulted in Almaz being hit by fast debris.

North Korea Might Have One Weapon That America Won't Be Able to Stop

Biological weapons combined with chemical and nuclear weapons attached to long-range missiles would give Kim Jong-un the devastating military tools needed to kill millions of people—and hit the U.S. homeland. Food for thought every time the world’s attention turns to the Korean peninsula.

While the world might be worried about all things North Korea—especially its growing nuclear weapons arsenal—Pyongyang very likely has other nasty weapons of mass destruction that, given the right conditions, could be just as lethal.

The One Thing That Could Defeat the U.S. Army

Not long ago, it seemed as though the 39th Chief of Staff of the Army, General Mark Milley, was the man to rescue his service from the clutches of its acquisition system. General Milley was appointed at a moment in time that clearly begged for a new approach to acquisition. The prior fifteen years had seen the Army commit serial acquisition malpractice, initiating and then cancelling multiple major acquisition programs for everything from armored fighting vehicles and helicopters to precision munitions and even small arms.

This Is How the Air Force Plans to Turn the B-52 Bomber Into a 21st Century Killer

Given the B-52s historic role in precision-bombing and close air support, next-generation avionics and technologies are expected to greatly increase potential missions for the platform in coming years, service officials said.

The Air Force is surging forward with a massive, fleet-wide modernization overhaul of the battle-tested, Vietnam-era B-52 bomber, an iconic airborne workhorse for the U.S. military dating back to the 1960s.

Strange Fact: This U.S. Ally Could Be Defeated in Battle by American-Made Weapons

Neither Iraq, Iran nor Turkey are happy that Iraqi’s semi-autonomous Kurdish region went ahead with its referendum on independence last month. They responded by threatening economic sanctions, along with other punitive measures, and flexing their military muscles by conducting exercises on Iraqi Kurdistan’s doorstep. These exercises serve as a striking reminder of the significant amounts of American-made hardware in all these countries’ inventories.