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Are China and India on the Brink of War?

The Sino-Indian standoff in the Doklam (Donglang in Chinese) region of the Himalayas where the borders of China, India and Bhutan converge is now nearly two months old. The dispute arose in mid-June when China attempted to build a road in an area it believed to be under its sovereign control, provoking Indian authorities to block the construction by crossing the Sino-Indian border with troops and bulldozers.

The Terrifying Tale of How Russia Detonated the Biggest Nuclear Weapon Ever

Setting aside its declared political purpose, the Tu-95N bomber—the USSR's only way of delivering the Tsar Bomb—was not a practical delivery platform: NATO fighters would shoot the lumbering plane out of the sky long before it had a chance to drop its huge bomb. You can count on one hand the number of targets in Europe big enough to merit the Tsar Bomb's attentions. One Tsar Bomb alone could burn down West Germany—if it could get there.

Could North Korea Launch a 'Pearl Harbor' Attack on Hawaii?

The Trump Administration is undertaking a Ballistic Missile Defense Review intended to ensure that our current and planned capabilities are best able to meet the evolving ballistic missile threat.  This review needs to seriously consider recommending an accelerated program to provide a dedicated missile defense capability for Hawaii.

Everything You Need to Know: North Korea's Chemical Weapons Are No Joke

North Korea’s chemical-weapons threat is real and the likelihood of their use in wartime is high. Once war is underway, the best way for U.S./South Korean forces to mitigate their effects would be to degrade North Korea’s command and control and take the offensive. If the NK general staff is unable to send orders and receive accurate intelligence, it will find it difficult to plan chemical strikes. A fast-moving UN offensive may also catch slow-moving artillery and missile units.

How Japan Would Go to War Against North Korea

Japan has long prided itself on maintaining the bare minimum defense capability. The country spends 1 percent of GDP on its military, just half the amount recommended to NATO member states. It has also eschewed offensive weapons, preferring to mount a purely defensive posture. The prospect of North Korean nuclear attack, however, may force the country to abandon both policies.

Is Cooperation between Moscow and Washington Possible after Sanctions?

Is cooperation between Washington and Moscow still possible after the U.S. Congress imposed new sanctions on Russia and the Kremlin expelled 755 U.S. diplomats? Secretary of State Rex Tillerson seems to believe that the two great powers can cooperate even given the current circumstances. Analysts both in Russia and the United States agree that cooperation is still possible, but to a limited extent.

How North Korea Could Start World War III

North Korean military officers know all of this, and surely appreciate the exceedingly low probability that an attack would see any kind of success, either short or long-term. But we can hardly rule out that political circumstances might shift such that North Korea becomes desperate enough to launch an attack, or that it imagines itself as having “one last great opportunity.”  At the very least, preparation rarely hurts.

In July 1950, North Korea Defeated the U.S. Army in Battle

In the grand scheme of things, the battle wasn’t a major disaster. The casualties were only a drop in a Korean bucket that eventually consumed fifty-four thousand American dead. U.S. troops had fled the battlefield, but they had also done that at Bull Run and Kasserine Pass. It wasn’t the first time that “inferior” Asians had humbled American forces, as the survivors of Pearl Harbor could attest. Two months later, it was turn of Kim Il-sung’s army to disintegrate after MacArthur’s landing at Inchon.

In July 1950, North Korea defeated the United States Army.