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FACT: The United States 'Nuked' Itself 1,032 Times

The first test of a thermonuclear, or fusion, bomb took place on November 1952 at Enewetak Island. Nicknamed Ivy Mike, the huge eighty-two-ton device was more of a building than a usable nuclear device. The device registered a yield of 10.4 megatons, or the equivalent of 10,400,000 tons of TNT. (Hiroshima, by contrast, was roughly eighteen thousand tons of TNT.) Ivy Mike was the biggest test by far, creating a fireball 1.8 miles wide and a mushroom cloud that rose to an altitude of 135,000 feet.

This Dead U.S. Navy Nuclear Attack Submarine Is a Legend for a Very Simple Reason

What sank Thresher? The best available theory is the extensive use of silver brazing on piping throughout the ship. An estimated three thousand silver-brazed joints were present on the ship, and the theory goes that up to four hundred of them had been improperly made. Experts believe that a pipe carrying seawater experienced joint failure in the aft engine spaces, shorting out one of the main electrical bus boards and causing a loss of power.

This U.S. Army War Machine Is Now Armed with Deadly Hellfire Missiles

As part of a vigorous effort to address a modern threat landscape, Linson explained that the Army is working to recover short-range air defense weaponry after scaling it back following the Cold War.

The new variant integrates an Avenger launcher turret onto the back of a reconfigured Stryker vehicle to bring offensive and defensive fire-power close into the fight where armored Strykers can operate more effectively than tactical vehicles.

The U.S. Army Had a Plan to Create the Ultimate Weapon: Floating Tanks

One idea they proposed was divisions of floating tanks that could drive right up to the beach, fight alongside the infantry and quickly knock out any forts or other big targets.

Amphibious assaults are the domain of the U.S. Marines, not the Army. But there was a period in history when the Army tried to out-do the Marines in hitting the beach — including planning how to deploy entire divisions of amphibious tanks.