The Great Debate

Does Libya Represent a New Wilsonism?

Three leading thinkers respond to the bold thesis of Nikolas K. Gvosdev and Ray Takeyh.

Debating a Democratic China

Experts opine on how democracy would change China's foreign-policy priorities.

Nuclear-Zero Prophecies

As the Non-Proliferation Treaty enters its fifth decade, President Obama has endorsed the crusade to rid the world of the bomb. But is nuclear zero the right choice? Sagan and Waltz update their landmark debate.

Debating Afghanistan

Should Kabul be the focus of Obama’s strategic agenda? Former NIO Pillar argues intervention has devolved into a worthless quagmire. Iraq War veteran Nagl believes we must vanquish al-Qaeda to the borderlands of AfPak.

Here Be Dragons

China’s military is growing ever larger and may soon unseat us as
hegemon of the Pacific. But does Beijing really harbor fantasies of
world domination?

The Color of China

Minxin Pei warns that China's rise may be in its last stages, but Jonathan Anderson says China's GDP juggernaut will continue going strong.

Can North Korea Be Stopped?

John Bolton argues it is time for a harsh crackdown on a misbehaving North, while James Kelly thinks we need to give talks a chance.

The Neocons vs. The Realists

Is the neoconservatism the future, or has their Kristol ball been shattered? Stephen Walt takes on Joshua Muravchik.

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April 17, 2014