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Hillary Clinton's Afghanistan Problem

The surge might have been Obama's biggest mistake abroad—and she pushed it to the hilt.

Disentangling Diplomacy in the Middle East

A diplomatic solution with Iran won't tie up American policymakers.

Cuba and the Sanctions Juggernaut

Parallels to Iran.

Iran Deal: Here Comes the Tough Part

The stakes are high for what comes next.

How to Stimulate Political Change in Iran

Isolation hasn't worked.

Not De Gaulle, But California

Election reform, not a new constitution, is the best way out of America's present political crisis.

How Not to Show Decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind

Using some states as props for argument—and playing lawyer for others.

Our Scarce Veterans

Former members of the armed services make up a shrinking share of the population and of Congress. What does that mean for our politics?

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April 18, 2014