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Posturing, Policy and Jerusalem

The DNC flap over the U.S. embassy in Israel points to a larger problem.

Foreign Policy and the Perplexed Voter

What is a voter who thinks foreign policy is important to make of this campaign?

Shaul Mofaz Tells It Like It Is

Isn't it ironic that Israeli politicians seem to be able to talk more freely and critically about subjects pertaining to Israel than American politicians are?

The Campaign Non-Debate on Foreign Policy

What the selection of Paul Ryan means about the direction of Romney's campaign.

Pressure Madness Continues

Those obsessed with inflicting punishment on Iran fail to comprehend a basic tenet of negotiations.

Raul's Proposal

Policy on Cuba may be the hoariest Cold War relic still found in Washington.

Culture and a Few Other Things

Romney's recent comments lend support to a destructive, wrong-headed approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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April 21, 2014