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The Rise of Rowhani

Iran's incoming president isn't going to make big changes. But he has created an opening for Washington.

The Commitment Ploy

Those pushing Obama to action in defense of his red lines were the ones who wanted the lines drawn in the first place.

Iran and the Syria Conference

Admitting Iran to peace talks on Syria shouldn't be seen as a reward or concession.

An Excellent Statement on Terrorism

Obama's drones and detention speech was a step forward for how the U.S. thinks about its national security.

Leaks, Privacy and Journalism

The AP scandal is overhyped.

More Costs of a Pseudo-Scandal

The continued hyping of Benghazi doesn't protect America or even advance partisan goals.

The Guantanamo Political Game

Posturing is the primary purpose for keeping the prison camp open.

Spellbound by Terrorism

Despite pledges of resilience and defiance, the United States allows terror threats to dictate its actions.

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April 18, 2014