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How the Paycheck Fairness Act Will Hurt Women

Harming merit-based pay, flexible work arrangements, 

The Arabs' 1848

Europe's century of upheaval—and the revolutions in the middle of them—offer insights into the post–Arab Spring world.

Bring China Into TPP

Beijing's participation in the landmark Asian trade talks would be good for America.


Fracking Won't Bring Energy Independence

America is making its energy supply more secure—but we can't untie ourselves from the global energy market.

Maurice Greenberg on China and America

How two nations have changed.

The Decline and Fall of France

France's ruinous economic policies could see its influence in the European Union supplanted by Germany's.

Dodd-Frank: Money Never Sleeps

A bloated reform that won't prevent another financial crisis—and might even trigger a fresh one.

All Roads Lead to Berlin

Germany is no longer Europe’s most troublesome player. It’s now an indispensable nation. The power of this transformation is personified by Chancellor Angela Merkel and her delicate political and diplomatic balancing act.

China's Inadvertent Empire

Beijing has quietly strengthened its position economically and diplomatically in Central Asia, perhaps the most pivotal geographic zone on the planet. This development has powerful implications for America and the world.


The Aboutalebi Affair in Context

The law and politics of denying Iran's prospective UN ambassador a visa.

A Peril to the Iran Nuclear Deal

Banks are afraid to release the Iranian money promised in the deal.

The Forgotten Principles of Deterrence

Even the basics are missing from the Ukraine discussion.

Books & Reviews

The Limits of U.S. Financial Warfare

The Treasury Department has run up an impressive list of tactical victories against rogue regimes, terrorists and criminals. But what is the strategy?

Energy Politics vs. the Earth

The current economic climate makes a needed shift to renewable energy tough.

The Priesthood of Central Bankers

Central bankers have amassed unprecedented power, and yet lack serious political counterweights.

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April 17, 2014