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Fracking Won't Bring Energy Independence

America is making its energy supply more secure—but we can't untie ourselves from the global energy market.

Maurice Greenberg on China and America

How two nations have changed.

The Decline and Fall of France

France's ruinous economic policies could see its influence in the European Union supplanted by Germany's.

Dodd-Frank: Money Never Sleeps

A bloated reform that won't prevent another financial crisis—and might even trigger a fresh one.

The Global Power Shift from West to East

Pax Americana and the age of Western dominance are fading. Washington can manage this decline, but first it must acknowledge its reality. History moves forward with a crushing force and does not wait for the unprepared.

The No-Growth Trap

Without economic recovery there is no political consensus; without political consensus there is no economic recovery. If Washington fails to overcome its current stalemate, a long period of monetary stagnation and moral decline will set in.

Night Thoughts on Europe

Europe’s problems go far beyond deflating currency and rising debt. It suffers from a lack of will, a crisis of confidence—and a serious identity problem. The once-great superpower has already fallen. Centuries of predominance slip away.

Chinese Nationalism and Its Discontents

China must choose between kowtowing to domestic nationalism and submitting to a peaceful rise. Lately, nationalist belligerence has ruled the day. Washington is overreacting, encircling China. A latent rivalry ratchets up to dangerous levels.

The End of the American Era

Two lost wars. Eroding infrastructure. A crippled economy. The time when the United States could create and lead a political, economic and security order in virtually every part of the world is over. The cure? A new American strategy.

A Critique of Pure Gold

With Republicans eyeing a return to the gold standard, TNI presents a piece from its archives on tea partiers looking to push the government out of the monetary-policy-making business.

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April 20, 2014