Economics Commentary

The U.S., TPP and Taiwan

Washington should move swiftly to conclude the TPP and then work towards including Taiwan.

LNG Won't Save Europe

"Substantial liquefied natural gas exports to Europe are simply a politician’s pipe dream."

Asia's Two Very Different Futures

If China's economy slows, will it drag Asia down with it?

America's Start-Up Problem

New firms create new jobs. Yet today's new firms tend to create fewer new jobs—and it's holding the labor market back.

How the Paycheck Fairness Act Will Hurt Women

Harming merit-based pay, flexible work arrangements, 

The Arabs' 1848

Europe's century of upheaval—and the revolutions in the middle of them—offer insights into the post–Arab Spring world.

Bring China Into TPP

Beijing's participation in the landmark Asian trade talks would be good for America.

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Geopolitics, Not Growth

The immediate economic benefits of the big trade deal are limited for the US. It's an investment, not a payout.

Obamacare's High Cost for Workers

Its impact on the labor market, especially for less-skilled workers, will be baleful.

It's the Geoeconomy, Stupid

America needs to get serious about trade with Europe.

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April 25, 2014