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Foreign Aid


A Better Way to Tie Egypt Aid to Democracy

Don't be afraid to use our aid as a tool.

Egypt Needs Free Trade, Not More Aid

Easy foreign money has allowed Cairo to put off necessary reforms of its distorted, inefficient economy.

Typhoon Haiyan, Japan and the New Asia

Both Tokyo and Washington are advancing their regional agendas as they aid the Philippines.


All Roads Lead to Berlin

Germany is no longer Europe’s most troublesome player. It’s now an indispensable nation. The power of this transformation is personified by Chancellor Angela Merkel and her delicate political and diplomatic balancing act.

China's Inadvertent Empire

Beijing has quietly strengthened its position economically and diplomatically in Central Asia, perhaps the most pivotal geographic zone on the planet. This development has powerful implications for America and the world.

Brezhnev in the Hejaz

Saudi Arabia is the guardian of the Mideast counterrevolution—and America is its greatest enabler. A club of royals under the Kingdom’s protection is now a reality.

Foreign-Policy Failure

Obama’s foreign-policy decisions—from provoking Islamabad to two-timing Beijing to alienating Moscow—lack the strategic long-term thinking the U.S. needs. Hypocrisy and incoherence rule.

Saints Go Marching In

Somalia. Bosnia. Sierra Leone. Kosovo. Armed intervention is on the rise. Libya proves once again that humanitarian adventurism is a mere shroud for Western imperialism.

To Feed, or Not to Feed

The Obama administration is right to withhold food aid from North Korea. 


The Surge of Violence in Iraq

It doesn't mean we should still be there.

Authoritarianism Pushes Back

From the Middle East to China, autocrats are flexing their muscles.

Don't Worry About the Peace Treaty

Aid or not, Camp David isn't in danger.

Books & Reviews

Battle Hymn of the Diplomats

Awash in Wilsonian hubris, the State Department’s meandering and militaristic QDDR will ensure Foggy Bottom remains second-rate—both inside the Beltway and overseas.

Our Man in Nairobi

Smith Hempstone's  narrative of his diplomatic "arm wrestling" with a recalcitrant Moi regime between 1989 and 1993 is lucid, witty and comprehensive.

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April 23, 2014