Energy Commentary

China Can Make Nuclear Power Work

The economic fundamentals and the political will that let France go nuclear back in the day now exist in China.

Gazprom Goes to the Middle East

The Russian gas giant is trying to get into the Eastern Mediterranean's promising energy market.

America's Missed Nuclear Energy Opportunity

The U.S. nuclear industry is losing ground to foreign competitors—and it doesn't have to.

Obama's War on Coal Goes Global

A set of administration policies could hinder access to electricity in poor areas around the developing world.

Shale Revolution Not So Simple

More oil at home won't necessarily improve the U.S. position abroad.

America Can't Escape the Middle East

Growing energy security won't let Washington turn its back on a crucial region.

How Shale Energy Reshapes American Security

The United States will be less vulnerable to foreign crises, but it will gain new liabilities.

The Energy-Security Paradox

The United States produces more oil and uses less, but prices are still high. What is to be done?

Saudis Hiring Top Names in American Research

The Kingdom continues to lure U.S. minds to its national projects.

Syria's Kurds and the Struggle for Oil

The civil war has left the Kurds with increasing power over the oil in their territory, complicating the conflict.

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April 25, 2014