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Growing up is Hard to do

Germany under Angela Merkel is emerging as a leading European power on the international stage, but when it comes to an interest-driven foreign policy, Berlin must learn to walk before it begins to run.

Ahead of the Curve: Roadmap Revival?

The way forward is to concentrate on solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which, because the many problems of the region are so interlinked, can create, in turn, momentum for dealing with the other regional disputes that feed it.

Nikolas K. GvosdevRay TakeyhJohn C. Hulsman

Is the Party for Six Over?

The six-party deal could prevent North Korea from ever becoming a mass producer of nuclear material. But there is no doubt Pyongyang will demand tougher conditions for its broad implementation.

Entering the Reality Zone on North Korea

Non-proliferation expert Graham Allison agrees with John Bolton that the six-party agreement with North Korea “contradicts fundamental premises of the president's policy”—a failed policy that is. The administration appears to be entering a “realit

Barack Obama v. John Howard

Australia is not an ally of George Bush: it’s an ally of the United States. That is a critical distinction, one that is consistent with both sensible statecraft and Australian public opinion.

Munich Revisited

Russia is back as a major player in the international arena, and President Putin’s speech in Germany served notice to the United States and Europe that it is not going anywhere.

Ahead of the Curve: The New Axis of Oil

On his landmark visit to Saudi Arabia, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared the two countries partners, not rivals. Last year, Flynt Leverett and Pierre Noel discussed Russian energy strategy.

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