Xenophobia on the Continent

Anti-Semitism is on the march in Europe. But the European’s new turn toward isolationism goes even further than that.

Andrew KohutRichard Wike

Kabul Goes Tribal

The best way to solve insurgency issues in Afghanistan is to adopt policies that succeeded in Iraq—work with local tribal leaders instead of nation building.

The Maverick's Maladies

While Obama plays it cool, McCain has turned “pitbull” Palin loose. Can the Republican campaign survive on evasiveness and negativity alone?

Russia Makes Partner

With the dust settled from the Georgian conflict, it’s clear that Russia doesn’t have grandiose imperial ambitions. But Moscow does want a seat at the table.

Nouveau Riche

With America in economic crisis, China and Russia are living large, promoting their foreign policies with new money. Can America still buy influence?