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What To Do After Peace Process Failure

Good and bad ideas.

The Aboutalebi Affair in Context

The law and politics of denying Iran's prospective UN ambassador a visa.

NATO Expansion and the Road to Simferopol

Why the alliance moved east—against its own interests.

Ukraine: Obama’s “Provocative-But-Weak Approach”

A string of dangerous errors.

Putin's Instructive Speech

Much was identifiably phony--yet there was still a correspondence with reality.

Ukraine and the Zero-Sum Impulse

Letting our competitor set the rules of the game?

What the Saudis Fear

It has little in common with what its American allies fear.

Daylight Between China and Russia on Ukraine

Moscow and Beijing aren't seeing eye-to-eye on Crimea, but America is too busy talking a big game to take advantage.

False Cheers for Democracy

Egypt, Ukraine and the need to use words carefully.

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April 19, 2014