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A Fine Balance: India, Japan and the United States

A triangular relationship that could define the century. 

China's ADIZ: A Low-Risk Move

For Beijing, the new air-defense zone doesn't look so dangerous.

China's War on International Norms

A destabilizing defense zone.


Asia's Looming Power Shift

The choices of China, India and Japan will define Asia's future. Their lack of unity and diversity of weaknesses will leave big problems unaddressed.

Climatic Engineering

Using science to shape our stratosphere: The solutions to global warming may be found not just on the ground but in the skies.

Bonn Voyage: Kyoto's Uncertain Revival

While the Bonn Conference revived an ailing global warming agreement, Kyoto's flaws render it a questionable approach to the longest of long-term politics.

Staying Cool About Global Warming

Global warming is real. Regrettably, proposals to counter it are anything but.

Monster from the Deep: Return of UNCLOS

The argument against ratification of the whole UNCLOS seems to be overwhelming, but for reasons that have not been fully argued in public.


The Roiling South China Sea Dispute

If Washington isn't careful, its alliance with the Philippines will embroil it in a dangerous quarrel with China.

International and Interplanetary Relations

How the search for extraterrestrial life can help us solve our earthbound problems.

Iran’s Bluster and Weakness

Iran's empty threats show desperation, not security.

Books & Reviews

Energy Politics vs. the Earth

The current economic climate makes a needed shift to renewable energy tough.

The Green in the Machine

As the debate over global warming gets vicious yet again, climate expert David Victor explains the real unknowns and real solutions.

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April 17, 2014