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International Law


Was Ukraine Betrayed at Geneva?

A Munich for the 21st Century? You decide.

Securing Sovereignty: When Should America Weigh In?

America doesn't like to get involved in sovereignty disputes, but is having second thoughts as China and Russia expand.

The West's Illegal "Transformative Occupations"

Crimea was hardly the first case.


The Seoul Nuclear Summit

Obama has emerged as champion of securing vulnerable nuclear materials. Two years after his Washington summit on this arcane but important matter, leaders are descending on South Korea to track progress and fashion goals for the future.

Drug Mayhem Moves South

Mexico’s drug violence is spreading into Central American countries that lack the resources to cope with such dire challenges. The region is in danger of reverting back to turmoil.

Dockets of War

WikiLeaks. Guantánamo Bay. Public-pressure campaigns by angry NGOs. No flavor of lawfare can stand contest against America’s unmatched global power.

Family Feud: The Law in War and Peace

American law treats terrorism like an act of war, not a crime. The fact that Europeans don’t doesn’t make their way better.

Warming to Climate Change

Kyoto is upside down; America needs a sensible energy policy to fight global warming.

Normative Shift

Social values change, and international norms change with them. A look at global issues and crises through the lens of "normative shift".


The Aboutalebi Affair in Context

The law and politics of denying Iran's prospective UN ambassador a visa.

Putin's Instructive Speech

Much was identifiably phony--yet there was still a correspondence with reality.

Books & Reviews

Bad Laws Make Bad Judges

Robert Bork warns that judicial activism is going global. He doesn't know the half of it.

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April 24, 2014