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The breakup of the global potash cartel is a reminder that new energy sources could create a crisis of the oil order.

Lobbying through the Silver Screen

Why oil-rich Middle Eastern nations are funding Hollywood films.

America's New Energy Era

The United States is on the path to energy independence. Its new, dynamic role calls for a new international energy policy.


The Fading Arab Oil Empire

Major developments in the oil sector are decisively undermining the once-defining role of the Middle East in the global energy market. The region’s potency in global affairs is on the wane, making Obama’s pivot to East Asia well-timed.

Mid-Life Crisis?

The OSCE is not a relic of the Cold War. Instead, it may be the only body that can tackle problems across Eurasia.

Thinking Seriously

America's first energy secretary says we're running out of oil. It is a warning worth heeding.

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April 17, 2014