Great Powers Commentary

America's Syria Policy Mishmash

Why Russia succeeds and we fail.

East Asia's Dangerous History Wars

Politicians may be opening a Pandora's Box during an already risky regional power transition.

Time for Tough Love in East Asia

America must push its allies closer together and break down the old "hub and spokes" system.

The End of Freedom Fries

France and the United States are moving toward deeper defense cooperation.

Asia's 1937 Syndrome

Chiang Kai-shek took his nation to war against a superior foe, fearing he'd otherwise be salami-sliced into oblivion. Modern China may now be driving its neighbors to a similar path.

The Peace Process Is Frozen, But Israel Is Winning

Nothing has changed, except that America has moved closer to the Israeli position.

Will America's Asian Allies Go Nuclear?

With Japan and South Korea increasingly worried that the United States might not always back them up, a dark path opens.

The End of Obama's "More Modest Strategy" for the Middle East

They said they wouldn't get tied down. They did.

Bombing Iran: Tough Tasks for Israeli Intelligence

From detection to long after destruction, the prospect of an attack on Iran puts big demands on Israel's spies.

The American People Aren't Ready for China

U.S. leaders have failed to prepare the public for China's rise. History shows they'd be wise to.

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April 20, 2014