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Croesus and Caesar

Those who would compare U.S. and European power by focusing on military capabilities misread history and miss the essence of NATO's genius--and future prospects.

All the Way

Vladimir Putin's vision of Russia's place in the real new world order offers a prospect of genuine Russian-American alliance. George W. Bush should pursue it.

Reforging the Atlantic Alliance

NATO is not dead or doomed, but the Allies should use the Prague Summit to assure its healthy future.

Poor Kyrgyzstan

A snapshot of how well-intended but misguided development assistance has failed one of America's new Central Asian partners.

All That NATO Can Be: To Prague and Beyond

An unflinching look at the realities of Mitteleuropa, before NATO's second-round expansion summit in November.

Odom's Russia: A Forum

Seven seasoned observers react to William Odom's interpretation of post-Soviet Russian reality, and Odom replies.

Seven Tests: Between Concert and Unilateralism

How to decide when unilateralism makes sense even within a multilateral framework.

Cyprus: The Predictable Crisis

The EU's determination to invite Cyprus into the Union in December 2002 represents a crisis-in-the-making. It's not too soon for Washington to begin work to head it off.

Can European Democracy Survive Globalization?

European democracy is under strain from both external and internal pressures. But Europe still has democrats determined to save it.

E Pluribus Confusio

The European Union is unable to achieve a true federal union, yet neither is it likely to fall apart. That leaves its internal incoherence as a long-term problem for the United States.

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April 17, 2014