Iran Iraq

Sanctioning Tehran

Regardless of what happens in Iran, Obama needs to rethink his approach to the country. A joint sanctions regime with the EU would squeeze the mullahs and force them to consider reform.

A Tattered Umbrella

Washington shouldn’t give nuclear-security guarantees to Seoul. Instead, it should unleash the threat of widespread proliferation in East Asia to spook China and force it to do something about North Korea.

The Bully Wins

Ahmadinejad’s “victory” in Iran has caused internal disorder—and could poison the Obama administration’s efforts at engagement.

Nuclear Realities

Let’s be honest: Iran and North Korea are joining the nuclear club. It might be best—and safest—to cut our losses and normalize relations with both countries.

Russia's Limousine Liberals

Russian liberals, through their relentless criticism of Moscow’s domestic and foreign policies in the Western press, are actively offending ordinary Russians—and thus undermining any hope of the democratic reforms they want coming to pass.