China Through the Looking Glass

Much has been made of China’s failure to prevent tainted food and dangerous toys from hitting the world market. But there’s more than that to this rising power. In an excerpt from the March/April symposium in The National Interest, “Great P

Kosovo-The Day After

Kosovo has declared its independence, with approval from the West—much to the chagrin of Russia, Serbia and China. Has an unprecedented precedent been set?

Politics as Usual?

Positively in Pakistan, elections were held and main opposition parties are in talks to form a coalition. But if they don't learn from past mistakes, this attempt at democracy is also destined to fail.

A New Dawn in South Korea

A new pro-American president took the oath of office in Seoul today. After years of tense relations with South Korea, the United States needs to make up for lost time.

Prez Candidate Lowdown

Wondering about where the presidential candidates would take the United States? TNI senior editor Ximena Ortiz has the foreign-policy skinny on Jo

Hands Off Pakistan

After Pervez Musharraf’s rejection at the ballot box, the United States only has bad options. The best one is letting Pakistani politics play out on their own.

Voice of Putin

From Kosovo independence and electoral politics to Ukranian energy and uranium enrichment, Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov gave Russia’s take on the issues at the Nixon Center on Wednesday.