Bad Statesman, Good Prophet

The shape of the post-Cold War world is not really elusive. It is defined by the Wilsonian triad of democracy, free trade and arms control.

Michael Mandelbaum

Britain and the Intellectuals

A sentiment seems to have prevailed among the scribbling classes that Britain is in a general state of decline--intellectually, socially, morally. It's just not so.

Ferdinand Mount

The Great War: Mystery or Error?

While interesting, recent attempts to make sense of World War I ultimately fail to account for the true cause of both the war and its protraction: German militarism.

Michael Howard

Over and Out

Owen Harries announces his retirement as The National Interest's editor.

Owen Harries

The Long Goodbye

Ten years after its death, communism's elegists--Eric Hobsbawn chief among them--have yet to give up the ghost.

Neil McInnes

An Announcement

This issue of The National Interest marks the beginning ofa new era in the life of the magazine.

The National Interest

Power Houses

Symbolism matters. The great powers know this, and their military architecture reflects it.

Kurt M. Campbell

Potemkin Democracy

Georgia's image in the West is belied by the reality on the ground.

Charles King