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The Rand Paul Threat

The Kentucky senator should be pleased with all the attention he's been getting—even when it's negative.

The Aboutalebi Affair in Context

The law and politics of denying Iran's prospective UN ambassador a visa.

Should Gorbachev Be Tried For Treason?

He deserves a chance to prove his innocence on neutral ground, and he'd love the publicity.

A Peril to the Iran Nuclear Deal

Banks are afraid to release the Iranian money promised in the deal.

The Forgotten Principles of Deterrence

Even the basics are missing from the Ukraine discussion.

Russia, Sanctions, and Politics in Iran

Iran's internal situation, and our reaction to it, will matter more than Moscow's moves.

Ukraine and the Zero-Sum Impulse

Letting our competitor set the rules of the game?

Speculative Mischief and Flight 370

Sometimes rumors end up having public-policy consequences.

Netanyahu's Anti-Iranian Rant

A string of falsehoods.

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April 18, 2014