Reagan Plagiarized

The road to the White House is paved with Reagan intentions. But very little Reagan action. Why the pundits and the presidential candidates are getting it wrong.


Somewhere between liberal democracy and autocracy lies the political netherworld of the post-Soviet states. Will countries like Georgia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan ever be totally free?

Deconstructing Taiwan's Election

Sunday’s elections in Taiwan, which brought the Nationalists to power, will likely lead to better relations with the mainland. Still, that doesn’t mean cross-strait tensions are going away.

State of Arrest

The arrest of the Muslim Brotherhood's online editor, Khaled Hamza, is just the tip of the iceberg in a larger pattern of Egyptian repression of reformists. These actors are good for the us and we should take notice of these injustices.

Russian Roulette

American commentators think they know what is best for Russia, looking to the “democratic” days of Yeltsin. But they’re really just taking a gamble.

Do No Harm

Sometimes our procedures do more harm than good. Pakistan may heal best on its own.

Anatol Lieven

Politics as Usual?

Positively in Pakistan, elections were held and main opposition parties are in talks to form a coalition. But if they don't learn from past mistakes, this attempt at democracy is also destined to fail.

Hands Off Pakistan

After Pervez Musharraf’s rejection at the ballot box, the United States only has bad options. The best one is letting Pakistani politics play out on their own.