Obama the Sophisticate

Obama might not have solved the world’s problems, but he did thwart McCain’s attempts to label him as a foreign-policy naïf. But can Obama actually deliver what he is promising?

Obama at the Gate?

There’s a brouhaha brewing in Germany over Obama’s foreign-policy visit. The presidential candidate is getting ready for a big trip to Europe and the Middle East to shore up his foreign-policy resumé. But is he really just showing his naïveté?

Offer in the Offing?

As pressure from the West increases, Iran is showing signs that it may be ready to make some concessions. Is the United States ready to compromise?

McCain's Choice

Neoconservatives and realists are battling to set the GOP’s foreign-policy agenda—and the future of American diplomacy hangs in the balance.

Derek CholletJames M. Goldgeier

A Letter From Berlin

After the debacle of the Iraq War and the Guantánamo scandal, Germans are not so much opposed to America as indifferent to it, says senior editor Jacob Heilbrunn writing from Berlin.

Russia's New Cabinet

The nominations for the new cabinet are the clearest sign yet that President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister–designate Vladimir Putin are planning to work “in tandem” to govern Russia.