Dead Elephants

The GOP is intellectually adrift and lacks a foreign-policy strategy. While Democrats may be inclined to gloat, the absence of a serious debate on international affairs is bad for the country.

Right-and Wrong

The GOP has made demonizing the world and defending torture its shibboleths. If it wants to curb Obama’s foreign policy, it needs a new approach.

A Thousand Envoys Bloom

Obama has assembled a crack national-security team, filled with sharp minds and even-sharper personalities. Our economic wise men too may be sharp, but with a groupthink typical of a team of neophytes.

David Rothkopf

Tbilisi's Illusion

Mikheil Saakashvili’s regime, faced with growing opposition, is becoming increasingly undemocratic—and the West should pay attention.

Barack the Timid

Instead of being bold and daring, Obama has been staid and cautious. He needs to take some risks and step on some toes to get America out of its economic funk.

Obama's Mediocrity

Although Obama is a cut above recent presidents, our times demand extraordinary leadership—and so far he hasn’t delivered.

Israel's Bogeyman

The campaign against Chas Freeman was a waste of time. People concerned about Israel’s safety should worry about Iran, not some minor bureaucrat.

Bush's Fall Guy

Dick Cheney is angry that Bush didn’t pardon Scooter Libby. He should be—Libby was blamed for lies about the Iraq War he had little to do with.

Testing Tehran

America needs to strategize for any potential summit with Iran. By using quiet negotiations now, we can avoid major embarrassment if a future meeting ends up failing.