Musharraf's Party is Over

Press restrictions, corruption and government inefficiency have inspired hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis to take to the streets recently. Musharraf’s reign may be ending, and Washington should take notice.

Levantine Labyrinths

Sectarian infighting and foreign intervention breed intrigue on the Lebanese political scene. Last summer’s war had a devastating effect—but factional power politics and Hizballah’s rising popularity threaten to make matters worse.

Antony T. Sullivan

India's Ascending Path

India is being courted by Russia, China and the United States. Heady stuff—as long as India’s leaders don’t forget they still have some pressing domestic challenges.

Leah Fenwick

A New Hope in France

French voters dealt a blow to the far-right and the far-left, reassuring themselves and the world of the strength of their democracy and the prospects for healthy change to reverse France’s decline.

More of the Same, but Different

French voters chose ruling-party conservative Nicolas Sarkozy and Socialist Ségolène Royal—both meant to represent a new generation of leaders—to compete in a classic left-right contest.